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List of Our Customers

We have offered business consultancy/training services/study visit to our esteemed local participants/visitors from other organizations in Cambodia and international participants/visitors from many countries around the world as listed in the below tables.

National Participants

No. Institution Type
1 Blue Bird International SchoolSchool
2 FKH Pawn ShopCompany
3 Holy Finance Plc.MFI
4ABA BankBank
5Active PeopleMFI
6ADH Credit OperatorCompany
7Aeon Microfinance ( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd.MFI
8American Intercon InstituteCompany
9Amret Microfinance Institution (Amret)MFI
10Anakut HeranhvathoNGO
11ANDET OrganizationNGO
12Angkor Capital Specialized BankBank
13Angkor Mikroheranhvatho (Kampuchea) Co. Ltd (AMK)MFI
14Asia Pacific Finance Plc.MFI
15Australian People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA)NGO
16Baitang (Kampuchea) PlcCompany
18Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc. (BIDC)Bank
19Baytang Credit OrganizationNGO
20Baytang Development OrganizationNGO
21Booyoung Khmer BankBank
22Bophana Audiovisual Resource CenterCompany
23Borey Peng HuothCompany
24Borey Sambath Mean Heng3Company
25Borey Sambath MeanhengIIICompany
26BORRIBO Microfinance Institution Plc.MFI
27Bridges Across Borders Cambodia (BABC)NGO
28Buddhism For Development (BFD)NGO
29Business Development Link (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.Company
30Cafinco LimitedCompany
31Cam Capital Plc. (Cam Capital)Specialize Bank
32Cam-Paint ManufacturingCompany
33Cambodia AirportsCompany
34Cambodia Economic Network (CEN)NGO
35Cambodia Family Economic Organization (CFEO)NGO
36Cambodia Labor Care Plc (CLC)NGO
37Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA)MFI
38Cambodia Property Career Development Organization (CPC)NGO
39Cambodia Volunteer for Community Development (CVCD)NGO
40Cambodian Business Integrated in Rural Development (CBIRD)MFI
41Cambodian Community Foundation Network (CCFiN)NGO
42Cambodian Community Savings Federation (CCSF)MFI
43Cambodian Health Committee (CHC)NGO
44Cambodian War Amputees Rehabilitation Society (CWARS)NGO
45Camma Microfinance Limited (Camma)MFI
46Canadia Bank Plc.Bank
48CATHAY UNITED Bank (Cambodia) Corporation Ltd.Bank
49CDA Rural Credit Operator Plc.Company
50Chamroeun Microfinance Limited (Chamroeun)MFI
51Chief (Cambodia) Specialized Bank Plc.Bank
52CHIPMONG Group Ltd. Company
53Chouk Chey ADECNGO
54CIMB BankBank
55Cogetel Limited (Online)Company
56Community Capital Development Agency Institution (CCDA)MFI
57Community Development Fund (CDF)NGO
58Community Rural Economic Development (CRED)NGO
59Cooperate for Development OrganizationNGO
60Crédit Mutuel Kampuchea (CMK)MFI
61Credit Bureau (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.Company
62Credit Scheme of Rural Development (CSRD)NGO
63Development Organization for our Country Economics NGO
64Elin Leasing PlcCompany
65End Child Prostitution, Abuse and Trafficking in Cambodia (ECPAT Cambodia)NGO
66Entean Akpevath Pracheachun (EAP)MFI
67Entean Easy Finance Plc.Company
69First Commercial BankBank
70FUNAN Microfinance PlcMFI
71GCCBG Credit OperatorNGO
72GL Finance PLCCompany
73Golden Emerge Co.,Ltd.Company
74Golden Leaf FinanceNGO
75Golden Rice ( Cambodia ) Co., Ltd.Company
76Grand Phnom Penh Golf Co., Ltd. (GPPGC)Company
77Graticity Real Estate Development Co.,LtdCompany
78Green Central Micro Finance Ltd. (GCMF)MFI
79Green Economic Development OrganizationNGO
80Habitat for Humanity Cambodia (HHC)NGO
81Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)MFI
82Hi-Technology Co., Ltd.Company
83Hong Sokim Pawn ShopCompany
84Hout Sroeng GroupCompany
85HR Inc. Cambodia Co., Ltd.Company
86HT Networks Co.,Ltd.Company
87Hwang DBS Commercial Bank Plc.Bank
88I'M TelcoCompany
89Intean Poalroath Rongroeurng Ltd (IPR)MFI
90Intergrating Human to Quality (IHQ)Training Provider
91IntLeeBrac (Indochina) Co., Ltd.Company
92J E R Import Export ContructionCompany
93Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC)NGO
94JS International Investment Co.,Ltd.Company
97Kasekor Meanmean PlcCompany
98KEDO OrganizationNGO
99Key Microfinance Institution PlcMFI
100Khemra OrganizationNGO
101Khmer Angkor NGONGO
102Khmer People Credit Association (KPCA)NGO
103KK Fund Leasing Plc.Company
105Konkhmer Specialized Bank PlcBank
106KREDIT Microfinance Institution Ltd (KREDIT Ltd)MFI
107KTV X2Company
108Labors and Family Economic Development (LFED)NGO
109Laksmi Prime Investment Co., LtdCompany
110Latte Mei Cambodia Co.,Ltd.Company
111Leap Men Chey Pharma Co.,LtdCompany
113LEOPARD CapitalCompany
114Libra Private Security Co.,Ltd.Company
115Lim Sokheng Co.,LtdCompany
116Ly Hour Microfinance Institution PlcMFI
117Ly Porchou Import Export Co.,LtdCompany
118MARUHAN Japan Bank Plc.Bank
119MAXIMA Mikroheranhvatho Co. Ltd (MAXIMA)MFI
121Meatophum OrganizationNGO
122Medai Winery Co.,LtdCompany
123MEGA International Commercial BankBank
124Ministry of Agriculture Forest & Fisheries (MAFF)Government
125Ministry of InteriorGovernment
126MOHANOKOR Microfinance PlcMFI
127Mong Reththy Group Co., Ltd.Company
128Montare Asia Pte.,LtdCompany
129Morakort Technology Co., LtdCompany
130Mothers Financial Japan PlcMFI
131Muslim Aid Cambodia OrganizationNGO
132New Economic Worker (NEW)NGO
135OC Finance PlcCompany
136OHANA HOME JAPAN Co.,Ltd.Company
137ORO Finance Corp PlcNGO
139PACT CambodiaNGO
140Pannasastra University of CambodiaUniversity
141Paper Best CambodiaCompany
142Partnership for Community Organization (PCO)NGO
143Phillip Bank PlcBank
144Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (PPCB)Bank
145Pracheacheat FinanceNGO
147Prathna OrganizationNGO
148Preh Ateth Community Development OrganizationNGO
149Prince Finance Plc.MFI
150Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLCCompany
151Pyramid Service Co., Ltd.Company
152Ratanak Pawn Broker Co., Ltd. (RPB)Company
153Reproductive & Child Health Alliance (RACHA)NGO
154RHB Indochina Bank LimitedBank
155Rights Smart International ( RSI)NGO
156Rith Sokha OrganizationNGO
157RMA (Cambodia) Co.,LtdCompany
158RMA Financial Services ( Cambodia ) Plc.Company
159Rongroeung OrganizationNGO
160Rural Agency for Development Organization (RADO)NGO
161Rural Development Bank (RDB)State Own Bank
162Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc.Bank
163SAMBAT Finance Plc.MFI
164SAMIC Microfinance (SAMIC)MFI
165Samret Development Economic Community OrganizationNGO
168Sciaroni & Associates (SA)Company
170Seng Huy ExchangeCompany
171SHRM Company
172SME Renewable Energy LimitedCompany
173Social Economic and Enterprise Development (SEED)NGO
175SOKIMEX Soksan KampotCompany
176Solid Finance Plc.Company
177Somaly Mam FoundationNGO
178Sovanphum Development OrganizationNGO
179SPIE-EN Cambodia-HollandNGO
180TACA Microfinance Plc.MFI
181Taiwan Cooperative BankBank
182TBB (Cambodia) Microfinance Instituttion PlcMFI
183TELA StationCompany
184Telecom CambodiaCompany
185Thaneakea Phum Cambodia (TPC)MFI
186The Credit of Family in CambodiaNGO
187Tompeang Russey Khmer Association (TRK)NGO
188TOYOTA (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.Company
189Toyota Tsusho CorporationCompany
190Toyota Tsusho Finance (Cambodia) Plc.Company
191Trade Solutions Group and ACSBCompany
192Trileang ElectricCompany
193Trop Khnhom Leasing Plc.Company
194Trust Affective Loan ServiceNGO
195Trust Fast Affective Pawn ShopCompany
196Trust Global Service Co., Ltd.Company
197Uni Trust Finance PlcCompany
198Union Commercial Bank Plc.Bank
199Vattanac BankBank
200VDB Loi LimitedCompany
201Village Development AssociationNGO
202VisionFund (Cambodia) Ltd (VisionFund)MFI
203Wholistic Development Organization (WDO)NGO
206Yamaha Motor Cambodia Co., Ltd.Company
207YCP Micro-FinanceMFI
Total (207 institutions) = 4,986 participants

International Participants

No. Institution Type Country
1Access to Finance for the Poor (AFP-GTZ)NGOLaos
2ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd.BankLaos
3ACLEDA MFI Myanmar Co., Ltd.MFIMyanmar
5Agriculture Promotion Bank (APB)BankLaos
6Alliance de Credit et d'Epargne pour la Production (ACEP)MFISenegal
7Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM)MFIMalaysia
8Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA)NGOLuxembourg
9Bank Indonesia (BI)Central BankIndonesia
10Bank of the Lao PDR (BOL)Central BankLaos
11Bank Training Company Ltd.BankVietnam
12Beichun Minfu Village and Township Bank (VTB)BankChina
13Belgian development agency (BTC)MFIVietnam
14BESA FoundationMFIAlbania
15Bhutan National Bank Ltd.BankBhutan
16Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationFoundationUSA
17BRAC MicrofinanceMFIBangladesh
18Capital Aid Fund for Employment of the Poor (CEP)BankVietnam
19CARD MRIBankVietnam
20Central Bank of MyanmarCentral BankMyanmar
21CF Lanka Microfinance (CFLM)MFISri Lanka
22CFG Services Company Limited (CFGS)MFIThailand
23Change Xing United Rural BankBankChina
24China Agriculture UniversityUniversityChina
25China Association of Microfinance (CAM)MFIChina
26China Banking AssociationBankChina
27China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation CFPAMFIChina
28Commerce Bank AGBankVietnam
29Commercial Credit and FinanceMFISri Lanka
30Community Credit & Saving AssociationMFILaos
31Cooperatives Surya KencanaMFIIndonesia
32Cordillera Community & Family for Progress, IncMFIPhilippine
33Dakahlya Businessmen's Association for Community Development (DBACD)NGOEgypt
34Dalian Zhuanghe Northern Micro-credit Co., Ltd.MFIChina
35Dandong Yuanbao District Hui Tong microfinance limited liability companyMFIChina
36Deposit Taking Microfinance InstitutionMFILaos
37Development Bank of Malaysia (BPMB)BankMalaysia
39Egypt Microenterprise Finance (EMF)MFIEgypt
40Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority (EISA)InsuranceEgypt
41Emerging Markets Investment (EMI)MFILaos
42ENDA Inter-arabeMFITunisia
43Enterprise Bank Inc. (EBI)BankPhilippine
44Episcopal ChurchNGOPhilippine
45Ewenki Baoshang Rural BankBankChina
46Financiera EDYFICARMFIPeru
47Fond CoperatifMFILaos
48FONDEP MicrocreditMFIMorocco
49Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FS)Training SchoolChina
50FuShun Shuncheng area RenHe Microcredit company limited by sharesMFIChina
51Fushun ShunCheng Shenyuan Microfinance Investment Limited SourceMFIChina
52General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI)MFIEgypt
53Geneshaha Microfinance FoundationMFIIndonesia
54GIZ-Microfinance-Access to Finance for the poorMFILaos
55Hai Phong Women's UnionNGOVietnam
56Haolaishi Investment Management LimitedPrivate CompanyChina
58IMON InternationalMFITajikistan
59International Development Center (IDC)NGOJapan
60International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank GroupBhutan
61Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP)NGOJapan
62Jiangxi Micro Credit Guarantee CenterMFIChina
63Jincheng Bank CorporationBankChina
64Jinzhou Micro-credit Company AssociationMFIChina
65Kanbawza Bank LimitedBankMyanmar
66Kashf FoundationMFIPakistan
67Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (Pakistan).BankPakistan
68Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)BankGermany
69Kunming (Wuhua) Harmony Microcredit Co., Ltd.MFIChina
70Kunming Gaoxin Kechuang Microcredit Co., Ltd.MFIChina
71Kunming Xishan Baolitong Microcredit Co., Ltd.MFIChina
72Lao Development Bank (LDB)BankLaos
73Lao Postal InstituteMFILaos
75Liaoning Micro-credit Company AssociationMFIChina
76LOLC Micro Credit Limited (LOMC) Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLCMFISri Lanka
77Luoyang Micro-loan Guarantee Center for Laid-off Workers,Hainan Province MFIChina
78Mekong DeltaMFIVietnam
79Mianyang China Construction BankBankChina
80Micro Credit RegulatoryGovernmentBangladesh
81Microfinance Capacity Building and Research Project (MCBR)NGOLaos
82Minfeng Mutual Cooperative, Chongqing MFIChina
83Ministry of Finance of MyanmarGovernmentMyanmar
84Ministry of Interior (MOI)GovernmentEgypt
85Ministry of Rural & Regional Development (MRRD)GovernmentMalaysia
86Myanmar Finance Co., Ltd.MFIMyanmar
87Myanmar Finance International Ltd.Private CompanyMyanmar
88Myanmar Microfinance Supervisory Enterprise (MMSE)GovernmentMyanmar
89National Commercial Bank of Timor LesteBankTimor L'East
90National Rural Support Program (NRSP)GovernmentPakistan
92Newton MicrofinanceMFILaos
93Oudomxai NMFIMFILaos
94OXUS AfghanistanMFIAfghanistan
95Pak Oman Microfinance Bank LimitedMFIPakistan
96Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN)MFIPakistan
97Panshan County Huaxin Petty Loan Co., Ltd.MFIChina
98Prime Grameen Micro Finance LtdMFISri Lanka
99Rural Development CooperativeMFILaos
100SACOM BankBankVietnam
101Sainiyom MFIMFILaos
102San Isidro (SN) Development CooperativeMFIPhilippine
103Saving & Credit Union (SCU)MFILaos
104Shandong Laizhou Rural Commercial BankBankChina
105Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd.MFIChina
106Shenyang City Heping District Hanhua Micro-credit Co., Ltd.MFIChina
107Shore Cap ExchangeBankUSA
108Sichuau Finance BureauGovernmentChina
109Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Worker Coordinating Organisation (SAFWCO)GovernmentPakistan
111Suryoday Micro-Finance Limited MFIIndia
112Tameer Microfinance Bank LimitedBankPakistan
113Thardeep Rural Development Program (TRDP)MFIPakistan
114The Liaoyang City Gongchangling Jinyue Small Loan CorporationMFIChina
115The Saving and Micro Credit ProgramNGOEritrea
116TMB Bank PlcBankThailand
117Tuba Rai Metin (TRM)MFITimor L'East
118TYM MFIMFIVietnam
119Unitus Advisors Private FoundationBankIndia
120Urat Rurual Commercial Bank,Inner MongoliaBankChina
121USAID EgyptGovernmentEgypt
122UTKARSH Micro Finance Limited (India).MFIAfghanistan
123Vanwods MFIMFIVanuatu
124VDF AssociationMFILaos
125Vietnam Women's Union (VWU)NGOVietnam
126Xixiang Women's Development AssociationNGOChina
127Yingkou Micro-credit Company AssociationMFIChina
128Yunnan Province Microcredit Association (YNMA)MFIChina
129Zhong An CreditMFIChina
Total (129 institutions) = 1,804 participants and 29 countries

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