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External Training Programs

AIB provides a diverse range of training courses that combine concepts and practice — delivering the "know-how" and "show-how" and prioritizing highest training quality. Currently, eight types of training are offered to external participants:

1. Yearly Training Calendar 

A yearly training calendar offers a variety of short courses with great appeal, such as credit management, product development, internal audit, savings management and customer service and care. Most of the courses are 2-day-in-class sessions designed to suit the staff training needs of banks, MFIs, companies and local and international participants. Courses are regularly scheduled for release and publicized on our website and other promotional network. Courses are offered in Khmer and English.

2. Tailor-Made Training 

Training is tailored to meet an organization's areas of interest. AIB offers detailed courses outlines for consideration to select any suitable course topics for the training needs. AIB staff also work with organizations to assess training needs, design curricula and deliver capacity building and learning events. Training can be designed for one organization or groups of organizations that cooperate together, such as international NGOs, funders, associations, networks or project consortia. Translation for Lao, Chinese (Mandarin) and Vietnamese can be provided during the training sessions. Field visits can also be included to see the on-the-ground practice of ACLEDA in a variety of areas, such as credit, savings or back-office functions, such as internal audit and treasury management. Any inquiry or training request, please feel free to contact us.

3. Study Visit Program 

Local and international visitors meet with ACLEDA management and specialists on a variety of technical and managerial topics. Our management and specialists have expertise to share, time for lectures and discussions, and questions and answers. Field visits are also organized for visitors to see how ACLEDA operates its retail banking services. Study tours can also be designed to suit visitors’ priority areas of interest. Any inquiry or request for exposure visit/study tour arrangement, please feel free to contact us.

4. Building Inclusive Financial Sector Program 

A special program is organized for MFI Stakeholders, Central Bankers, Policy Makers, Government official that focuses on the transformation of ACLEDA into a regulated financial institution, the history and the development of the regulatory environment supportive of financial inclusion in Cambodia. Meetings with Central Bank Regulators, Supervisors and Policy Makers in Cambodia are key features of this program. Any inquiry or request for this program arrangement, please feel free to contact us.

5. Skill Development Training for Students and Public 

Short skill development courses are prepared for undergraduates, graduates and the public who need to be suitably qualified to find a job or improve their business. The yearly training programs are scheduled and announced in our website and other promotional networks. For more information, please click here.

6. On-the-Job Training 

Courses are arranged for staff of ACLEDA Subsidiary Companies to practice their skills effectively in their own different area with ACLEDA Bank Plc.

Course Topics Highlighted 

  1. Credit
    • Credit Risk Management System
    • Delinquency Management and Bad Debt Recovery
    • Credit Product Diversification
    • Credit Productivity Improvement
    • Medium Loan Business Plan Analysis
    • Small and Medium Enterprise Lending
    • Effective Group and Individual Lending
    • Effective Loan Assessment
    • Effective Loan Collection
    • Effective Loan Processing
    • Work Flow and Work Plan of Credit Officer
    • Improvement Productivity of Credit Officer
    • Others Based on Request
  2. Cashier
    • Asset and Liability Management
    • Retail Banking and Operation Management
    • Savings and Cash Management
    • Cash Management
    • Risks of Cashier
    • Foreign Exchange Transaction and Its Business
    • Practical Savings Program Management
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Others Based on Request
  3. Marketing
    • Marketing Management
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Competition
    • Promotional Mix
    • Communication and Promotion Strategy
    • Policy of Customer Service and Care
    • Customer Focuses and Service Quality
    • Selling Skills
    • Product Development
    • New Product Pricing
    • Deposit Products and Its Business
    • Effective Saving Mobilization
    • Others Based on Request
  4. Human Resource
    • Effective Human Resource Management
    • Training Management
    • Training of Trainers
    • Others Based on Request
  5. Accounting
    • Financial and Accounting Management
    • Planning & Budgeting
    • Finance and Administration Operating Manual
    • Cost Reduction Efficiency
    • Others Based on Request
  6. Auditing
    • Practical Credit Audit
    • Practical Cash Audit
    • Financial Audit
    • Fraud Audit
  7. Other Topics
    • Internal control System/Management
    • Management Information System (MIS)
    • Branch Operations Management
    • Branch Expansion and Administration
    • Microfinance Experience of ACLEDA Bank
    • Transformation Experience of ACLEDA Bank
    • Others Based on Request
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