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Yearly Training Calendar

1. Professional Skills Training for MFIs and Banks & Entrepreneurs

This training course is organized for Banking Microfinance Company and other institution/organization and entrepreneur who wish to develop their knowledge and skills and to know about the ways of practice in finance and banking. These course is designed for 1 day or 2 day training.

2. Workshop/Conference

Workshop: A forum of sharing best experience to ex-trainees of AUB or other participants for other public and private sector which is led by reputed guest speaker from ACLEDA Bank or Outsider.

3. Skill Development Training for Students and Public

Short skill development courses are prepared for undergraduates, graduates and the public who need to be suitably qualified to find a job or improve their business. The yearly training programs are scheduled and announced in our website and other promotional networks. This course is designed duration with 45 hours.

4. Professional Skill Training for Career

Professional Training courses are prepared for undergraduates, graduates, student who completed the grade 12 and the public who need to be suitably qualified to find a job. This course is designed duration with 120 hours by included the soft skills, hard skills, the way of apply a job.

5. Computer Programs

This course is developed in order to provide the basic, advance of Microsoft word and Excel or other courses related to Information Technology Skill to ACLEDA's Management and staff, Students and Public through yearly training calendar or based on customer demand.

6. Advisory Service on Business Start Up

This program is developed for someone who wish to start up the business but they don't have any experience and don't know how to set up the business in order to achieved the benefit and to transform from un standard company to be standard company. This program is designed with 120 hours by focused on how to manage the human resource, Financial and Business Plan and other task related to how to start up the business. It is led by the famous trainer of ACLEDA Bank Plc. Who has success experience in Business Plan arrangement and Management.

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