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New Course Announcement for Other Organizations and the Public

Detecting and Preventing Fraud in Lending
February 24, 2018
The success of lending decisions relies heavily upon the information provided to the person making the decision. Where that information is fraudulent, the chances of success with that lending decision are dramatically reduced. This fraud can cause both financial and reputational damage to the financial institutions.
Skills Development for Bank Accounting
January 25-26, 2018
Accounting is essentially about recording, reporting and interpreting financial information of an organization. So that the responsible staff especially accountants should have fulfill knowledge and skills of accounting. This course will provide practical skills for those whose work that related to accounting tasks.
How to Accept Cash Effectively
January 12, 2018
The main responsibility of the tellers is to satisfy the customer needs and to encourage financial institutions to recognize their significant contribution to the overall success. The personnel working under this profile are professionals in handling cash. They carry out their responsibility for protecting the bank's cash in accordance with the established policies and procedures.
General English Program (GEP)
The General English Program is a non-assessed, non-academic course especially prepared for learners particularly targeted ACLEDA Bank's staff, students, graduates and public with a focus on improving general English skills.
English for Specific Purposes Program (Business Writing and Communication Course)
English for Specific Purposes Program (hereafter referred to ESPP) is purposively designed by ACELDA INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS (hereafter referred to AIB) to provide staff working in ACELDA Bank Plc., and any interested learners with two areas of English – Business Writing and Business Communication.
Skill Development Course
For the purpose of sharing experience and improving qualifications in banking skill, ACLEDA INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS will conduct short skill development courses for graduates who need to be suitably qualified to look for a satisfactory job in the financial institution, including ACLEDA Bank or improve their business.
LinkEd E-learining Courses
LinkEd is the e-learning platform for development finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. With LinkEd, Frankfurt School's education programmes can be accessed from all over the world, regardless of physical, political and economic boundaries.
Microfinance Winter Academy
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and ACLEDA Training Center welcome you to the Microfinance Winter Academy — Real Cases in Real Places.
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