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Training Topics 

Training Topics Highlighted

ACLEDA INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS offers any other training courses upon the request of your company/organisation. Please let us know what is your company/organisation need.

Professional Training Modules

I. Credit 

  1. Effective Lending Methodologies
  2. Small and Medium Enterprise Lending in Practice
  3. Business Plan of Micro and Small Loan
  4. Business Plan of Medium and Corporate Loan
  5. Workflow of Professional Credit Officer
  6. Work Plan of Professional Credit Officer
  7. Productivities of Credit Officer
  8. Effective Loan Assessment
  9. Instilling Credit Discipline
  10. Loan Recovery in Best Pratice
  11. Collateral Evaluation
  12. Practical Loan Delinquency Management
  13. Advanced Credit Risk Management
  14. Successful Loan Portfolio Management
  15. Loan Warning Signs in Practice
  16. Credit Quality Management
  17. Tailor-made training program on request

II. Cash Management 

  1. Anti-Money Laundering
  2. Cash Management
  3. Cash Handling Risk Management
  4. Saving Product Management
  5. Practical Saving Program Management
  6. Provincial Branch Assets and Liabilities Management Committee (PBALMCO)
  7. Assets and Liabilities Management
  8. Retail Bank Operation Management
  9. Practical Cash Counting
  10. Tailor made training program on request

III. Marketing 

  1. ACLEDA Bank's Products and Services
  2. Marketing Competition
  3. Marketing Research
  4. ACLEDA Bank's Promotion Strategy
  5. Effective Selling Skills
  6. ACLEDA Bank's Marketing Management
  7. ACLEDA Bank's Saving Mobilization
  8. ACLEDA Bank's Customer Service
  9. ACLEDA Bank's Customer Retention and Cross Selling
  10. Fund Transfer Service
  11. Successful Practice of Savings Mobilization
  12. New Product Development and Pricing
  13. Effective Communication Skills
  14. Effective Communication at the Workplace
  15. Tailor made training program on request

IV. Human Resources Management 

  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Training of Trainers
  3. Training Management
  4. Effective Employee Performance Management
  5. ACLEDA Bank's Branch Management
  6. Tailor made training program on request

V. Financial Management 

  1. Financial and Accounting Management
  2. Planning & Budgeting
  3. Banking Budget Plan
  4. CAMEL Ratio Analysis
  5. Finance & Administration Operating Manual
  6. Liquidity Risk & Cash Flow Management
  7. Tailor made training program on request

VI. Internal Control Management

  1. Internal Audit Management
  2. Practical Credit Auditing
  3. Tailor made training program on request

VII. Other Topics 

  1. Micro and Small Enterprise (SME) Loan Management of ACLEDA Bank
  2. Transformation Experience of ACLEDA
  3. Branch Management
  4. Advanced Branch Management
  5. Branch Clerical Administration
  6. Employees Stock Ownership Plan
  7. ACLEDA Bank's IT Policy Development
  8. Transformation, Ownership, and Governance
  9. ACLEDA Internal Audit Management
  10. Micro, Small and Medium Lending
  11. Loan Quality Management
  12. Tailor made training program on request

VIII. International Training Courses 

  1. Transformation, Ownership, and Governance (TOG)
  2. ACLEDA Internal Audit Management
  3. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Lending
  4. Loan Quality Management

Training Modules and Packages

The training modules are used to train staff of ACLEDA Bank Plc., ACLEDA Bank Lao and ACLEDA MFI Myanmar. The training modules are also provided at intervals or on request to interested parties other than ACLEDA staff. Requests can be made by institutions for training packages that include selected modules which fit the training need requirement of the customer. For this purpose a short description is provided below under the chapter "Training Modules in Detail."


All our trainers are seasoned experts with at least fifteen years of experience in banking and finance and at least ten years of experience in the specialized field related to the training module. This allows the participants to learn the know-how and the show-how based on years of hands-on field experience of our experts.


All our training modules are designed to equip participants with essential knowledge to do the job and with the critical tools be effective and to make sound decisions. Are rich range of training techniques are used in each module to facilitate and enhance the learning process like focused lectures, videos, handouts for self study, case studies, inter-active group sessions based on real life situations, discussions and dialogue approach.

Training Topics Delivered Yearly

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